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We are truly blessed that you have chosen to partner with us.

"R.E.A.P. is where you Receive Economic Advancement through Partnership. We promote Balanced Living and the Making of Millionaires,and we teach the Lifestyle Value Approach."

Welcome to R.E.A.P. Rewards. It is my honor to personally welcome you to our family.We have such big plans for the future. Plans to bring light where there is darkness and hope where there is sorrow.We will bring the world a new place to turn to for positive and uplifting news and information. You are now apart of this mission. Your hard work and caring heart will help ensure that our mission will be successful.

R.E.A.P. Rewards was founded because there is a need in the world.A need for hope,peace and love.A need for a caring and helping hand up. A need for a different kind of message and a different kind of lifestyle.With your help we will bless the world by fulfilling these needs.Together we have been called to a higher purpose.To live our lives differently and passionately.It is our prayer that this vision will be recognized through you.

We invite you to set out on this journey with us. R.E.A.P. Rewards is all about creating opportunity.The opportunity to make a difference in your own life and more importantly the opportunity to make a difference by blessing others. Again, welcome and thank you for putting your trust in us.




If you,ve always dreamed of a way to dramatically change your life and impact the entire world in the process,we invite you to take a closer look at R.E.A.P..

R.E.A.P. Rewards was founded by Dr.Gary Kirkwood, aveteran radio station owner and broad cast personality. Over the years Dr. Kirk wood had become increasingly alarmed by the media trends to deliver only the news that crushed the human spirit,so he decided to do some thing about it.

In 2008 he launched R.E.A.P.,which stands for Receiving Economic Advancement through Partnership. His mission was two-fold. First,he wanted to build a world wide platform that would deliver messages of hope,pros- perity,opportunity and empowerment to people of all walks of life.Secondly, he wanted to provide simple, practical ways in which average people could participate and begen erously rewarded for helping spread positive news.

The logical starting point was to use his successful radio station in New Jersey and combine it with the tremendous technological advances on the web.This allowed him to broad cast quality audio programming to anyplace on the globe that had internet access.

Three Powerful Solutions

With R.E.A.P. Rewards you can reach your financial goals,while sharing your faith, and improving the quality of life for someone else

Marketing air time in a one-of-a-kind global media network is worlds apart from trying to sell pills,potions or lotions to your family

R.E.A.P. Rewards offers Gospel,Jazz,Latin and Caribbean music,as well as talk and inspirational programming designed to teach real life skills and applicable success strategies.R.E.A.P.also offers time blocks for new artists, upcoming personalities,and even ordinary people with extra ordinary uplifting messages to get on-air. Company plans include a positive media mix consisting of radio, video programming and publishing. All of R.E.A.P.s new and existing programs work to help promote a global market and provide in come to home-based business entrepreneurs.

Three Powerful Solutions For Starters

  • The Global Network of Enjoy harvest. com consists of 15 channels each with their own genre of music. Ranging from Gospel,Jazz,Kids,Carib- bean,Latino,and R&B.
  • H-TV delivers TV and video content to your pc much faster than ordinary online TV. Users don,t have to wait for long buffering periods and can watch their favorite programs without breaks or interruption.You can watch recorded and on-demand online TV broadcasts.You can trust your message with us.We are backed by the best infra structure in the industry. Our extensive state-of-the- art content is network safe.
  • We also offer a wide variety of other advertising means such as:
    • Web Banners
    • Print Advertising
    • And Morore


Isn,t it time you heard some positive news for a change?It seems like every time you turn on the news you hear about some thing or some body that,s going from bad to worse.

Our Mission is with a Kingdom Approach, bring G.O.O.D.things to everyone we serve by:

  • Givingyouasimple, uniquewayto quicklyearntherichlifeyoudeserve.
  • Opening doors to help new talents and messages get world wide exposure.
  • Operating with integrity,leading by example and providing world class service.
  • Developing new marketing strategies for the distribution of our media products,services and incentives that will help en rich more lives.

Our Purpose is with a Kingdom Approach to provide positive N.E.W.S. that will have a global impact by:

  • Never missing an opportunity to build positive relationships worldwide.
  • Expanding our opportunity for a rich, abundant life to people every where.
  • Working to provide an international platform for fresh,uplifting voices.
  • Staying committed to treating go. we would like to be treated.


THIS is the good news you,ve been waiting for. It,s your chance to finally R.E.A.P. the rewards in life you truly deserve!

R.E.A.P. Rewards provides an opportunity for global outreach. The technology of online radio and TV empowers businesses, organizations and average everyday people to share their message to a worldwide audience. In addition to providing the highest quality audio feeds over the Internet, we pro- vide tools necessary to increase reach, revenue, and return. We have an established listener ship representation from the United States, Africa, South America, Central America, and Europe.

Once we completed the work to combine the media and message, we consulted with the top consulting firm in the Direct Sales Indus- try to develop a marketing program that is without precedent. The marketing program is built on the foundation that the best way to build a great business is by having great people share their enthusiasm about it. Nothing provides a greater incentive than having a totally unique product and an unparalleled compensation program that generously rewards everyone who shares the positive news.

This is a mass media platform with a message that has mass appeal. It,s an opportunity for new voices and talents to be heard in a world that,s crying to hear them. It,s a chance to lead people to highly inspiring and entertaining media that can make their day and change their life. Most importantly it,s headed by seasoned business leaders that will teach you how to grow your business by growing people and it has a proven marketing strategy that can enrich every aspect of your life.

There are multiple ways in which you can earn money just for inviting others to participate. There is a fast start bonus that provides instant income and highly lucrative leadership bonuses for those who want to create lasting, passive residual earnings.


Giving people encouraging words that will breathe new life into them is only the first step. They also need viable, practical tools that will help them build their dreams of a better life into a reality.

Most people are comfortably miserable. They want to get out of the rat-race but lack the discipline to do anything about it. When your desire to leave the status quo is more powerful than your fear of something new, you can begin your path toward success. When you become passionate about improving yourself and your lifestyle, you can truly change your life.

Remember, just because something works does not mean that it will create long-term results within your business. It is vitally important that you produce results that work for you and that can be duplicated. Why because, you don,t want to work forever. The idea of owning your own business is to eventually have everything so systematized that it operates with minimal direction from you.

Take your business seriously. If you run your business like a hobby you,ll get a hobby income. Remember, hobbies will cost you money, but careers should make you money. If you run your venture like a big business then you can earn a big-business income. Just because you haven,t invested millions of dollars into your business doesn,t mean that you can,t make a significant amount of money.

Check List

To Fast Start your success, you must do certain things to get on the right path. Check off each step as you complete them.

-Get Organized and Plan

Having a planner is important because it shows you exactly what you have done and keeps you from missing vital events and prospecting meetings. Review your schedule with your sponsor to locate areas of improvement or opportunities to improve your business.

-Create A Prospect List

Try to create a list with as many people on it as you can think of before your first review of the guide with your sponsor.

-Commit To Learning

Investing in yourself and committing to your personal learning is important. You may think you have mastered people skills or self- understanding, but there is a lot to learn out there. Enhancing your communication skills is a lifelong endeavor and we are here to help with this ongoing process.


The most important person in your business is you. You are your own boss so set goals for yourself to ensure you are on the track to success. Dedicate yourself to your business and don,t give up.