Bill Of Rights

Bill Of Rights

Our aim at Reap Rewards has been, and will always be, to create the most effective best in class Rewards products and services in the Christian business world and make them affordable for the average consumer to participate. Beyond that, we’re equally dedicated to ensuring that Reap Rewards offers an unmatched “best in class” Ministry Business Opportunity employing the Relationship Marketing model. This is an Ministry Business Opportunity like no other, an amazing business model, which is truly reshaping the way we do business in the Kingdom of God as we know it in the 21st Century, empowers any individual who has been blessed with an entrepreneurial spirit to determine his or her own financial destiny by simply sharing Reap Rewards’ life changing products and services with others. Finally, as important as it is for Reap Rewards to have best in class products and services and the best Ministry Business Opportunity in the industry, we also want to show our unwavering commitment to protecting the business interests of our Partners and Affiliates. With this core value in mind, we created the Reap Rewards Partners Bill of Rights, which is nothing less than a Game Changer within this Industry.

Partner’s Bill of Rights

Every Reap RewardsI.C.F. Partner is valued and, per this Reap RewardsPartners Bill of Rights, a Partner may feelconfident that if they display and apply the attributes of the Reap Rewards Code of Ethics, and adhere to the Reap Rewards Independent Partner Agreement, that they will be entitled to these specific Rights.

1-Reap Rewards COMMITS – the Right to have the integrity of our Compensation Plan protected by ensuring that all bonuses and commissions are paid out as allocated inthe compensation document.

2-Reap Rewards INSURES – the Right to expect that all reasonable steps are taken to insure that Reap Rewards Products meet or exceedquality standards, are manufactured at an FDA certified cGMP facility and are represented with integrity.

3-Reap Rewards HONORS and PROTECTS – the personal business relationships of aReap RewardsI.C.F Partner (hereinafter referred to as “ICFP”) including their personally sponsored “ICFPs” and Customers.

4-Reap Rewards PROTECTS – an ICFP from unfair and unjust termination and gives the right for an ICFP to expect that a ‘withoutjust cause’ termination does not occur.

5-Reap Rewards GUARANTEES – that it will not deny the annual renewal of an ICFP’s Membership as long as the ICFP pays theirannual renewal fee and there has been no material breach of the Reap RewardsICFP Agreement.

6-Reap Rewards RESPECTS the Right of an ICFP on all matters pertaining to the status of their Reap Rewards Membership and will always give reasonable notice on any status change adversely affecting an ICFP, including pending disciplinary action due to a possible breach of the ICFP Agreement.

7-Reap Rewards UPHOLDS – the Right of an ICFP to maintain their status of “Good Standing” with the “COMPANY”. In theevent their status is in question, an ICFP may request the convening of the Reap Rewards Review Board which consists of three Reap Rewards Corporate Representatives and two Presidential Founder representatives also selected by Reap Rewards. Presidential Founder Representatives, who areselected to serve, will have a term of one year, which may be renewable at the discretion of Reap Rewards.

8-Reap Rewards SUPPORTS – the Right to be a Leader of Peers, with an Officer of the “COMPANY” meeting a minimum oftwo (2) times per year with the Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC), comprised of a minimum of five (5) ICFPs who aredesignated by Reap Rewards to discuss matters of importance to the ICFPPartners. PAC advisors serve for a one year termwhich may be renewable at the discretion of Reap Rewards.

9-Reap Rewards UNDERSTANDS – the Right of an ICFP’s family members, within their household, to pursue other businessinterests of their choosing, including but not limited to Direct Selling companies other than Reap Rewards.

10-Reap Rewards GRANTS – the Right for an ICFP to transfer, sell or will their Reap RewardsI.C.F. Partnership to any individualor business entity that would qualify as an ICFP under normal membership application conditions. Transfer of ICFP membership must be in accordance with the ICFP Agreement and adhere to any and all legal, tax, and other laws, rules, andregulations which may be applicable.